Manage Users Overview

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The Manage Users section is your hub for all things related to the users in your site, including Applicants, Reviewers, Recommenders, and even Administrators. 

This article will provide an overview of what the Manage Users section looks like, as well as different actions you can take from this section that can be useful to you in the site. 

To access this section of the site, go to:

  1. Manage Your Site
  2. Manage Users

When first clicking into the Manage Users section you will see a table listing all of the users that currently have accounts in your site, along with basic information on each user. Within the Table there are Default Columns that will be automatically displayed. Those columns are:

Column Description
[Select User] This column will display a checkbox which will allow you to select users in the list. In the header of the table is the ability to select all users on that page.
Profile A small icon, or an image of the user (if applicable) will appear in this column. Clicking on the image in this column will take you to the Users Profile which will provide further details on each user 
Email The email column is very important. A users email in the site is their main login to the site and can help in locating that user within the site
ID Users can also be found using the ID. A Users ID is unique to that user across all sites within FluidReview
First Name This will be the First Name of the user as inputted during a users registration or through the Add Users section of the site
Last Name This will be the Last Name of the user as inputted during a users registration or through the Add Users section of the site
Active This column will display a Yes or a No which represents whether their account has been activated or not. For more information please see: Activate Users in your site
Submissions This column will show you Active submissions owned by the user. If there are no submissions shown for the user they either haven't created any in the site yet or they don't currently have any Active submissions
Stage  This will show you the stages that your submissions are in respectively to the submissions in the previous column
Group This column will display all groups that the user is in, this can help you to identify who that user is and the purpose they have within your site. 
Assume Role Under this icon there is an icon of a person. Clicking on the icon will allow you to Assume the Role of the user, this will allow you to see the site in the way that the user does. 


Below is a list of actions you can take within the Manage Users site. You can learn more about each section by following the links below:




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