Activate Users in your Site

Sarah Paterson -

This article will outline how to activate a user in the site, and why you may need to perform these actions.

Depending on your registration settings Users may be required to confirm their account through an email they received. When a users status says No under the Manage Users column this means they have not yet confirmed their account and will be unable to login. 

As an Administrator you are able to activate a users account for them using the following steps:

  1. Go to Manage your site
  2. Manage Users
  3. Select the User you need to activate
  4. At the top right side of the page click on the Activate button in order to activate the user.

This activation is system wide. In some cases users may be associated with other FluidReview sites with the same email address, therefore it is not possible to "deactivate" a users account as this could cause issues for the user within other sites they are apart of. 


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