Remove Users from a Group

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You may wish to remove a user from a group because you no longer wish for them to have access to the tasks available for that group. Using this same process you may also wish to completely remove users from your site. If this is a process you wish to take please be warned that removing users from a group can negatively impact data within your site. 

How to remove users from a group

  1. Go to Manage your site
  2. Go to Manage Users
  3. Select the user(s) you with to remove
  4. Click on Remove From
  5. Select the Group you wish to remove the user from
  6. Read the warning carefully
  7. Click Ok

Upon trying to remove a user from a group a Warning will appear before completing the action. The warning message is as follows:

Group: [Group Name]

Are you sure you wish to remove the selected accounts from the group?

Any active submissions related to this user will also be removed.

Once a user no longer belongs to a group, their account and active data will automatically be deleted from your site. Do you wish to continue?


The verbiage in this warning will differ slightly depending on the group type you are removing the user from. The warning above appears when trying to remove the user from an applicant group as the message states "Any active submissions related to this user will also be removed." When removing a user from a reviewer group instead it will state "Any rankings that this user has completed will also be removed."


In regards to submissions, if by accident you remove a user from an applicant group, the submission will remain within the site however it will no longer be associated with that user. The applicant will need to be added back into the original group the submission was created in, in order to access the tasks. 

For Reviewers, we NEVER suggest deleting a reviewer from a reviewer group as once the user is removed from their group all of their completed rankings will also be removed from the site. Upon doing so there is no way to revert this information or retrieve it once the user has been removed from the group. 

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