Send a User their Account Details

Sarah Paterson -

If you have manually added a user to the site, you may need to send them their account details so that they are aware of their new access to your site. In order to send a User their account details:

  1. Go to Manage your site
  2. Go to Manage Users, Manage Submissions, or Manage Reviewers. 
  3. Select the user you wish to send the email to
  4. Click on Send Email
  5. Use Selected
  6. Click on the third button on the screen that appears to Send a User their Account Details.

Within this email is a populated email template with basic text you may wish to send to the user. This text can be edited to suit your needs. However, within the account details template email there is also a piping variable which will send the user a link to the site: {{ reviewroom_url }}

We suggest always leaving this variable in the email and not altering it in any way.

What is special about this piping variable is that it varies depending on the user receiving the email. If a user already exists within the FluidReview system and has a password on their account, the link sent to them will direct them to the login page of your site where they will be asked to enter their email and password. However, this variable can be very useful if the user doesn’t already have a password enabled on the site. When clicking on the link they receive they will be directed to a page to be able to create aa password to login.

This can be useful if you manually add users to your site and need to send them an invitation to the site to be able to login for the first time.

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