Manage Admins Overview

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By default, when a user is added as an Administrator to the site they will have full access to the behind-the-scenes features of how the site is run. They can Create Tasks and Forms, and Manage Submissions and Users in the site. In some cases, you may have multiple administrators in your site however you don’t want them to have full access to the Administrative side. For example, you if you have multiple Applicant groups in your site, you may have a different administrator to manage each group, and you don’t want them to have access to any of the other groups. Another example, could be that you want them to be able to view submissions, but not make changes to the tasks within the submissions. Having the Manage Admins section can be useful in creating different Roles for administrators. Adding an Admin to a role is what will set the limitations they will have.

The Manage Admins section will appear under the Manage your site Tab, under Manage Users and Add Users. This section of the site is not automatically enabled for all sites. If you wish to inquire more about this section please reach out to the support desk at

To access Manage Admins:

  1. Go to Manage your site
  2. Go to Manage Admins

Within this section of the site, you can:

  1. See a list of all your Administrators
  2. Create Administrative Roles
  3. Add Administrators to Roles
  4. Grant Permissions
  5. Filter Admins
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