SSO: How to Prepare

Chris Quiroz -

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   What SSO protocol will you be using? [SAML, CAS, or OAuth]


 Which user groups need to sign in via SSO? [Applicants, Reviewers, Admins]

  • By default, users are added to the Applicant group in FluidReview
  • If Admins or Reviewers require SSO, users must be first added to the FluidReview site to ensure proper account permissions
  • Must only be ONE point of entry for any one user group (co-applicant functionality is not supported)
  • SSO for Recommenders is not supported; recommenders must use FluidReview’s native sign-in portal


How are users uniquely identified? [i.e. email, student number, employee ID, etc.]

How will users enter FluidReview? [SP-initiated SSO or IdP-initiated SSO]

  • IdP-initiated SSO is only available using SAML protocol

What attributes need to be passed to FluidReview? [First name, Last name, email, etc.]

  • Depending on the protocol used, required vs. optional attribute limitations may exist

Can your IdP automatically consume FluidReview’s XML metadata?


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