Salesforce: How to Prepare

Chris Quiroz -

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This integration allows your organization to exchange information between Salesforce and FluidReview. Ask yourself:

What type of data needs to be exchanged?

  • Applicant information?
  • Recommender information?
  • Reviewer information?

What type of fields are being sent from Salesforce?

  • FluidReview supports data from standard objects and custom objects


FluidReview facilitates the setup of the integration; however, a member of your organization will be responsible for configuration and mapping. The integration is established using one set of Salesforce login credentials that belong to your Salesforce environment. Ask yourself:

  • Do I have a general Salesforce admin login? [hint: you’ll need one]
  • Who initially configured my company’s Salesforce environment? [colleague or 3rd party?]
  • Is the person responsible for the integration familiar with my company’s Salesforce environment?


Information can either be PULLED into FluidReview or PUSHED out to Salesforce. In order for this to occur, the fields in FluidReview should match those in Salesforce. Ask yourself:

  • What information needs to be PULLED into FluidReview?
  • What information needs to be PUSHED to Salesforce?
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