What are Stages?

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Stages are an essential part of the FluidReview System. They determine the flow of your application process. For example one stage may be your application stage, and the next is your review stage. This article will help you to better understand stages what a stage is and why it is important in your site.

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Types of Stages

Within FluidReview there are three types of stages, Applicant, Reviewer and Bucket Stages.The type of stage is defined by the tasks that exist within the stage. When a stage is first created it will be created as a Bucket stage, meaning no tasks currently exist within it and will change depending on whether you add an Applicant or Reviewer task to the stage. 

Stage Type Colour Description
Applicant Black This stage only contains Applicant Tasks within the stage. 
Reviewer Blue A reviewer task exists within the stage. Even if there are applicant tasks within the stage as well, this stage will be considered a "Reviewer Stage" if at least one Review Task is created within it
Bucket Orange No tasks exist within this stage. Bucket stages are commonly used if you wish to move your submissions to a stage but there are no tasks to complete. Common examples are "Awarded/ Accepted Applications" or "Rejected/ Declined Applications. 

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The Order of Stages

The order of stages in your Workflow is very important as it determines the flow of your application process. When a submission is first created it will be automatically created into the first stage in your workflow, unless otherwise configured using Triggers

You can choose to arrange the stages in your workflow as well to ensure that all stages are in the correct order. 

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