How to Add a Submission to a Category

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Categories in the site can be an extremely useful tool to organize your submissions. They can assist you to filter and sort your submissions by any criteria you choose. For example, you may have categories based on the geographical region that the owner of the submission is in. This article will outline how to add the submissions in your site into categories. For more information on how to create a submission category you can refer to the following article: How to Create a Submission Category.

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Manually Add Submissions to Categories

One way to add submissions to categories in your site is to add them manually through Manage Submissions. To manually add a submission to a category:

  1. Go to Manage your site
  2. Go to the Applicant Group under Submissions
  3. Select the submission(s) you wish to add to the category. You may also choose to filter your submissions.
  4. Click on Edit Categories
  5. Click Add to Categories
  6. Select the Category or Categories you wish to add the submission to
  7. Click Done

Your submission has now been manually added to the category you selected.

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Automatically Add Submissions to Categories

With a large amount of submissions in your site it is not always feasible to add your submissions manually to categories, which is why you may choose to add your submissions automatically using Triggers. In order to automatically add your submissions to categories:

  1. Go to Configure your site
  2. Go to Triggers
  3. Create a new Trigger in your site
  4. If you are adding submissions to categories based on a response they give in a form, you may choose to make the Activation of the trigger based on editing or completing that form. 
  5. Optional: Under Conditions you may choose to set the conditions of who the trigger should fire for. The could be used if you only have one or two categories in your.
  6. When setting the Actions of the trigger, before you add the submission to a category you may wish to first Remove them from another category they may be in. This is common if applicants decide to change their response to the question which places them in a different category. Removing them first from the original category will ensure they are only added to the correct category based on their response. For more information in regards to this please see How to Remove Submissions from a Category.
  7. To add the submission to a category, select the Action "Add Submission to Category" this will provide you with the list of categories you have in your site. If you are selecting an individual category, you may choose to set conditions based on why they would be added to the category. If you have multiple categories in the site you can either create a new trigger for each category, or make use of Relationships (See Below). 
  8. Once you have setup your trigger, you will need to Activate it to ensure it will fire
  9. Final step is to Save the trigger. 

Using Relationships to add submissions to Categories

As mentioned previously in some cases you may have a large number of categories in your site and it isn't feasible to set up a new trigger for each category. In this case we make use of Relationships

In order to add submissions to categories using a relationship:

  1. Follow the instructions in Creating a New Relationship
  2. Using these steps the Data Source will be what the deciding factor is for adding the submission to the category, for example the response the applicant gives within a form. However you may also use Metadata. 
  3. The Relation of the trigger will be Categories
  4. Upon selecting Categories you will be provided the list of Categories you have within the site. You will need to match up your categories to the Data Source you selected. 
  5. Save Relationship
  6. You will then need to follow the steps provided above for creating the trigger for categories. However in Step 7, when adding the action "Add Submission to Category" you will have the option to select the relationship you just created. This will appear as {Relationship: [Name of Relationship]}.

Using Relationships means that when the trigger fires the action will match what you have in the datasource of the relationship to the Category associated with it. Therefore you will only need to create one trigger instead of a trigger for each category. 

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