How to Remove a Submission from a Category

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You may experience a situation where a submission no longer belongs to a category and you wish to remove it from that category. This article will walk through the two ways of removing a submission from a category.

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Manually Remove Submission from a Category

In order to manually remove a submission from a Category:

  1. Go to Manage your site.
  2. Go to the Applicant Group under Submissions.
  3. Select the submission(s) you wish to add to the category. You may also choose to filter your submissions.
  4. Click on Edit Categories.
  5. Click Remove from Category.
  6. Select the Category or Categories you wish to remove the submission from.
  7. Click Done

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Automatically Remove Submission from Submission from a Category

It may be common practice where you need to remove submissions from categories after they have been added to one. A common example is if your submissions are added to a category based on a response they give to a question, they will initially be added to that category (Category A) based on the process you set up to automatically add submissions to a category. However due to circumstances they need to change their answer, therefore they are added to Category B. Within the trigger if you simply set up to add the submission to the category, and have no "remove category" action. You will notice that the submission is now a member of both Category A and Category B. Therefore we set up a trigger to first remove the submission from the original category and then to add them to the new one.  

In order to automatically remove submissions from categories:

  1. Create your trigger
  2. Set the Activation of your trigger.
  3. Determine if there will be a Condition for the trigger.
  4. Add the remove action. You have two options, you can select "Remove Submission from Category" and select an individual category or relationship, or you can choose "Remove Submission from all categories".
  5. Optional: You can then choose to add another action to add the submission to a category.
  6. Activate the trigger to ensure it fires correctly.
  7. Save the trigger

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