Release Notes - Apr/11/2017

Chris Quiroz -

Fixes and Updates

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the search functionality in Award Categories would not appear
  • Fixed an issue where applications could not be downloaded by certain reviewers
  • Fixed an issue with Facebook sign-in inconsistencies 
  • Fixed an issue with date-based triggers
  • Fixed an issue wherein a file URL that is split between two pages of a PDF would not open correctly for some users
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect language may show on certain parts of the dashboard
  • Fixed an issue with the condition "not is one of" in metadata for award eligibility


  • Fixed some miscellaneous mobile issues
  • Improvements to Advanced Expression Piping 
  • General improvements to the activity feed
  • New SAML metadata will be published to fix an issue with the domain field in the certificate. This will not affect all clients that are auto-updated our metadata.
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