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FluidReview has an email tool that allows you to communicate with your site users. Emailing users at key stages helps to keep them on track throughout your process. Although we have ways of automating emails by Sending Emails using Triggers. In some cases you may need to reach out to them manually.

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Sending Emails to Applicants and Reviewers: 

Send emails to individual or groups of users about their status, deadlines or other important communications.

To manually send an email to a user or group of users:

  1. Go to Manage your site
  2. Go to Manage Users
  3. Select the users you wish to email. You can use the Search by or Filters to pull up a list of specific users.
  4. Click the checkbox next to the users you want to email.
  5. Click Send Email.
  6. Select Use Selected from the dropdown.
  7. Choose to either Create a new email, Create an email from template, or Send users account details

You can also email applicants directly from the Submissions section or email reviewers from the Reviewers section. 

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Create New Email

This process will allow you to create a new email that has not yet been saved in your site. 

Compose Email

To compose the email:

  1. By default the user(s) you selected are added as recipients on the email. If you wish to add additional recipients enter Additional recipients who were not included in the original recipients list. This is not considered a CC and you will not be able to add a CC to this email. 
  2. Review or change the from name and email address. The format of the from address must be "Name <>"
  3. Enter the subject line of your email. 
  4. Include any files up to 5MB by clicking Add attachment and select the file you want to attach from your computer.
  5. Enter your content and format the message as needed.
  6. Optional: Add Piping Variables to your emails in order to personalize the emails you are sending to the recipients.
  7. Optional: Save your email as a template by clicking the Save as template button above the email editor.

Preview Email

After you have composed your email to view your email as it will appear to your recipients click Next: Preview Email. You can also Send a test email to see how the email formatting looks in your email program. If you have Piping Variables the Preview will choose one of the users from your recipient list to preview and you will be able to see the piped in information in the email if it is applicable to that user.

NOTE: The Send a Test Email feature will not send attachments or include Piping Variables. It is simply meant for testing the format of the emails. 

Review recipients

When you’re ready for a final review, press Next: Review Recipients. You will be displayed a list of the original recipients that you selected. Your Additional Recipients, if applicable will be displayed above this list with the statement "** Piped values will not be replaced when sending to extra recipients" meaning any piping variables will appear blank within the received email.

Send Email

If you are satisfied with the email you composed and the list of recipients:

  1. Click Send Email to deliver your message.
  2. When all Emails have been successfully sent you will be displayed a screen that says "Your email was sent!"

WARNING! If you are sending a large quantity of emails there may be a delay between the time you click Send Email and when the confirmation appears, as the system works to send your emails. Once the emails have all sent you will then see the confirmation. Please ensure you don't press the Send Email button multiple times as the email will send multiple times and we are unable to stop emails once they have been sent. 

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