Adding and Arranging Stages

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Welcome to creating and arranging stages within FluidReview! Here you will find out: what stages are, how to create, customize and arrange the stages that you create on your site. So what exactly is a stage? A stage within FluidReview is the frame in which tasks, triggers and applications reside in. Stages provide a structure to allow a set flow to occur for your applications and other users as they complete tasks and submit results.

 Stages are defined by what type of tasks have been placed into them such as a Reviewer stage would have ranking tasks that are available to a particular reviewer group. A stage can have any number of different tasks from the different groups you have within the site. For example, you can have Applicant and Recommender tasks residing within one stage while in following stages, you may have reviewer and applicant tasks waiting to be completed once the application has been moved forward.

 The stage a user is in determines which tasks they can work on. From an applicant or reviewer point-of-view, stages are sequential, but because users can move through your stages at different speeds, you can have users in all stages at the same time (especially if your site has no stage deadlines). From an admin point of view stages can be simultaneous.

 Now how do applications move between stages? Applications can move between stages either automatically based on the submit task, based on trigger rules such as when a task has been completed, or they can be moved manually by Administrators. Not all applications will move through every stage you have on the site and some can even be moved back a stage depending on your requirements.

Adding and Arranging Stages

Before we go ahead and add the stages to the site, it is best to have the groups you wish to have created. You can find more about creating groups at this link here. After you create your groups, the next step is to add and arrange your stages. If you are in the process of setting your site up for the first time, your onboarder will be assist you with this process. How many stages you create and how they are arranged will be determined by your requirements for the application and review process. A very simple contest may have only two stages in that an application is filled out and then later reviewed or it can consist of multiple application stages with a number of holding rounds and are reviewed multiple times by different groups. 

To create a stage:

  1. Going to Design your site in the menu on the left hand side of the page.
  2. Selecting Workflow designer.
  3. Clicking + Add a stage in the upper right corner of the page.
  4. Give your stage a name under the Name and Description tab.
  5. Optionally, select the group who are the primary actors (ex: Applicants) in this stage from the dropdown below Name: and enter a description of the stage for them. If you will have more than one type of group acting in the stage, for example, if the stage in which applications come in has tasks for both an applicant group and a recommender group, you can click Save and Continue editing to save your first description, then select the second group you want to provides a stage description for.
  6. If you require a deadline for the stage. You can now add the deadline by clicking the Options tab and selecting Set a Deadline. Once a stage deadline has passed, users in that stage will no longer be able to work on their tasks.
  7. Click Save Stage to create the stage.

You can arrange your stages by dragging and dropping them in your workflow using the arrows icon on the right hand side of the page, next to their name. Please note that once your site is live, you should never move or delete a stage as it can break your site’s logic and produce confusing experiences for your users. On a final note, you can delete stages on your site however, you can only delete a stage if it doesn’t have any tasks in it.

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