Managing and Organizing Awards

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To manage your awards:

  1. Click Manage your site
  2. Click Manage Awards

Understanding the Awards Page

From this page you can:

  • Create an Award
  • Edit Award Settings and Configurations
  • Delete awards
  • Categorize awards
  • Edit award review teams
  • View and edit an awards workflow
  • Transfer funds to awards and distribute funds to award recipients
  • Download awards in a CSV file
  • Create and save filters for awards
  • Combine and save common actions into macros
  • Import many awards at once from a CSV file

See the following documentation for more information on Creating and Editing an Award.

The Awards Manager will be the central location in everything that is Awards. Once you have awards set up you will see them appear in a list on this page. The award list consists of 10 default columns with details and actions relating to your award(s). The default columns are:


This column will allow you to select the award(s). This is beneficial if you are looking to perform actions regarding multiple awards. 


This column will tell you whether or not the column is currently Open or Closed to submissions. 


This is the name that you gave to the award when creating it. This is the name that will appear to users in the site.


This column will show the Publicity status of the award. Awards can have either two publicity statuses: Public or Hidden. This is configured in the Manage Award > Limitations section of the award. Note: You may hide an award if you are not ready for applicants to apply to it, or if the type of award is Manual (see below) and as an administrator you wish to manually apply applicants to this award. 

Open Date

This is the date that the award will open up to applicants in order for them to apply. 


This is the date that the award will close to applicants looking to apply. 


This is the remaining balance you have for that award. In order to add a value to an award you will first need to Create a Fund in the site and transfer money from that fund to an award using the Transfer from Fund button in the top left corner of the Manage Awards screen. 

Submissions (Submitted) 

This tells you the number of submissions that have been successfully submitted their applications for this award

Submissions (Not Submitted) 

This tells you all other submissions that have created a submission but have not yet submitted their application for the award


The actions column is one of the most important columns on this page because it allows you to manage the award, distribute its funds, set up an award workflow and create a reviewer team for the award. The actions you can take are as such:

  • Manage Award (Gear Icon): Enter into the settings of the award
  • Award Distribution (Dollar Sign): You will see a list of your Submissions (Submitted). You will then be able to distribute the remaining balance on the award accordingly. 
  • Award Workflow (Four Lines): With many awards in a site the main workflow can become busy and confusing. This section of the site allows you to add/edit/delete Applicant Tasks in the workflow for a specific award
  • Edit Reviewer Team (Person Icon): This section allows you to assign submissions from this award to reviewers in your site.


The columns listed above are the default columns that will automatically appear when your site is created. You can also add and remove columns to the Award Manager based on your own needs. To edit the columns, click on the Columns dropdown at the top of the page and either select or unselect the columns to add or remove them from the awards manager. Some of the additional columns include:


This column will display the Award Category that this award is apart of. Note: Award categories are different than submission categories. For more information on Award Categories, please see the following documentation: Creating Award Categories


This column tells you what type of award it is. There are three types of awards. 

  • Internal: Applicants can only apply while logged into the FluidReview Site. When logged in they will be able to complete any eligibility criteria and, if eligible, be prompted to create a submission for the award
  • External: Applicants will not be able to apply within FluidReview and the award is managed through an external website or on paper.
  • Manual: Only administrators will be able to create a submission for applicants. 


This is where you will see the Parent for this award


This is where you will see any Children of this award


Deleting Awards

Deleting awards is a permanent action and deletes all submissions for that award.

To delete an award:

  1. Click Manage your site
  2. Click Manage Awards.
  3. Select the award(s) you want to delete.
  4. Click the Delete button at the top of the awards table and click Ok.
Note: Deleting an award deletes all submissions applicants have started or completed for it. We don't recommend deleting awards that have active submissions.


Download Awards in a CSV File

Download all or some of your awards into a CSV file. Remove or add columns to the file by removing or adding columns to the manage awards table.

To download awards:

  1. Click Manage your site
  2. Click Manage Awards.
  3. Add/remove columns from the manage awards table using the Columns drop down. Columns showing in your table will be included in the downloaded file.
  4. If you only want to download some of your awards select the award(s) you want to download and select Download selected as CSV from the download drop down. Otherwise select Download ALL as CSV.


Filtering Awards

You can create and apply filters to find awards that match specific criteria. For example, filter awards in a particular category or by award deadline.

Apply saved filters by clicking on them in the Quick Filters list at the bottom of the page. When a filter is on, a green notification will appear next to the filter button. Click the X next to the notification to remove any filters and return to the full list of submissions.

To set up a filter:

  1. Click Manage your site
  2. Click Manage Awards.
  3. Click the Filters button.
  4. Select a filtering option from the Please Select drop down and define its conditions. For example, choose Has funds available from the Basic Filters list, and select is true or is false.
  5. Optional: Click + Add Rule to add more rules to your requirements. Toggle between AND or OR by clicking on the operand that appears, or negate the rule(s) by clicking on the negation link in the upper left corner of the filtering logic.
  6. Optional: Give your filter a name and save it for use in the future.
  7. Click Apply to apply your filter.

Combine multiple rules using the Boolean operators AND and OR. Rules can also be negated. You can combine as many rules as you want, but all rules must be combined with the same operator. Likewise, negation is applied across all rules.

  • Use AND to set up a situation where all rules must all be be true for an applicant to be eligible.
  • Use OR to set up a situation where any one of a set of rules must be true for a applicant to be eligible.
  • Use Negation to invert the logic of your rules, to create a NOT situation.


Combining and Saving Common Actions into Macros

Macros let you combine and save a series of actions. For example, create a macro that closes an award, archives all submissions, and sets a custom metadata field for the award.

To create a macro:

  1. Click Manage your site 
  2. Click Manage Awards.
  3. Select one or more awards to apply your macro to.
  4. Click the Macros button at the top of awards table.
  5. Click New Macro in the macro management window.
  6. Give your macro a Name.
  7. Add actions you want the macro to perform by selecting them from the Action Type menu and clicking Set Action. Add as many actions as you want. See below for details on each option.
  8. When you have finished adding actions, click Save.
  9. Click the play icon to run your macro or click Close to exit.

Click to see action types in detail:

Action Types What it does

Set status to "Open"

Opens the award to submissions.

Set status to "Closed"

Closes the award to submissions.

Archive all applications

Marks all submissions for the award as Archived.

Move submissions to round

Moves all submissions to a given round. Archived or deleted submissions will not be moved.

Add task to award

Adds a task to the awards workflow.

Remove task from award

Removes a task form the awards workflow.

Set [custom metadata field] to

Sets a custom metadata field value for the award.


Running, Editing, or Deleting Created Macros

You can run created macros for selected awards by clicking the macro's play icon in the macro management window. Edit or delete macros by clicking the edit icon or the delete icon for the macro you want to edit or delete.


Importing Many Awards at Once From a CSV File

You can create many awards at once by importing them from a CSV file. Once your awards have been imported you can edit their settings and add tasks to their workflow.

You can create a CSV (comma-separated values) file in spreadsheet software, like Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets. Each award needs to be on its own row in the spreadsheet and use the following column headers. At minimum each award must have a name and status.

Column Description Required


The name or title of the award Yes


Will either be "open" or "closed." Open awards accept submissions, closed ones do not. Yes


The language specific name of the award. Use if your awards are offered in multiple languages. Replace {lang} with the two letter language code of the language the name is in. For example, lang_fr to create a column for French award names. Add a new column per language. No

Logo URL

URL to an image that will serve as the awards logo. No


The long description for the award. This will display to applicants when they click on the award in the award list. No


The deadline for submissions. Must be in dd/mm/yyyy format. No


Any custom fields applied to your awards. Replace {id} with the id of the custom field. For example, Field_22 for a custom field whose id is 22. Add a new column per custom field. No


A list of categories the award belongs to. Separate categories with a |. No


To import awards:

  1. Create and save a properly formatted CSV file.
  2. Click Manage your site.
  3. Click Manage Awards.
  4. Click the Import button at the top of the manage awards table.
  5. Click Choose File in the Import Awards window and select your CSV file and click Open.
  6. Click Import CSV. Your imported awards will appear in the manage awards table.
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