Keeping Track of or Reversing Fund Transfers

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Now that you have a number of Funds set up for your awards and distribute amounts to awarded applications, you will need a way to keep track, download or even reversing a transfer within your awards. If you are looking to for more information on creating and transferring funds to awards, you should visit our article on Funding Awards and Distributing Funds

Viewing and Downloading the Transfer Log

You can view a log of your transfers in as well as a chart by:

  1. Selecting the Manage your site icon and then click Funds.
  2. Selecting the Transfer log icon in the upper right corner of the screen. The transfer log shows when a transfer was made, who made it, the amount transferred, and which award it was transferred to.
  3. To see a bar chart of transfers by fund, click the Statistics icon.

You can also download the Transfer log to a .csv file by:

  1. Selecting which transfers you want to download from the transfer log.
  2. Then selecting the Download selected as CSV option from the download drop down in the upper left corner of the transfer log.

Reversing Transfers

Whether you transferred the incorrect amount to an award or if the funds were transferred to the wrong application, you can reverse any transfers created on the site. Reversing a transfer credits funds back to the source fund and removes the transfer record from the transfer log.

In order to to reverse transfers in the transfer log:

  1. Select the transfer(s) you want to reverse.
  2. Click Revert selected in the upper left corner of the transfer log.
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