How can I Remove a Reviewer From my Site

Chris Quiroz -

To remove a reviewer from a site:

  1. Click Manage your site.
  2. Click Reviewers.
  3. Select a reviewer you wish to remove and click Remove. Note: Removing a reviewer will also remove all rankings they have currently completed. These rankings will not be retrievable once the reviewer has been removed. 
  4. Click OK to confirm. This will remove the reviewer from the group you selected. If they are in multiple groups they will still be searchable within the site.

Another way to remove a reviewer from the site is to:

  1. Click Manage your site
  2. Click Manage Users
  3. Select the reviewer you wish to remove
  4. Click Remove From
  5. Select All Groups, or simply the group you want to remove them from
  6. Read the warning provided
  7. Click OK to confirm. 
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