Creating Email Reminders

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The Reminders section allows you to create emails that will be sent out in the future and can be used for such things as reminding applicants to complete a certain task, or to let reviewers know that the deadline for ranking applicants is coming soon.

Warning: Reminders are sent out at 7:30 AM EST on the specified date. If you are planning on sending out the reminder on the same day you are creating your reminder you will need to ensure that you are creating it prior to this time.

To create a reminder:

  1. Click Configure your site.
  2. Click Reminders.
  3. Click Click Here if this is your first reminder. Otherwise, click Add Reminder.
  4. Fill out the required information and click Save Reminder.

Email Reminders contain the following sections:

Name: Here you can add a name for your reminder allowing you to find it easier in the future.

When: On a core FluidReview Site, the only option available here is On a specific date. However, on an awards site you have the ability of setting the reminder On a varying date.

Date: The date the email should be sent out. The email will be sent at 7:30 AM EST on this date. If you have On a varying date enabled in the When field this option will allow you to set it for a certain period of time prior to the award deadline, ranging from three days to two weeks.

Recipients: This option distinguishes whether you will be sending out the reminder to users or owners of submissions. Note: To send an email to reviewers or recommenders, the “Users” option should be selected. You can also select to send the reminder to whole reviewer teams as well as the managers of an award. If you are looking to select specific email addresses to send this reminder to you will need to send this as a manual email or in a trigger. 

Group: The group the email is intended for.

Condition: This option allow you to place a condition that must be met in order for the reminder email to be sent. Conditions will only appear when Submissions or Users is selected as the recipient. You can only select one of these conditions, if you wish to apply more conditions to the email you will need to set this up in a trigger instead. For more information please see the documentation: Sending Emails using Triggers

When selecting Submissions as the recipient the conditions you can select are:

  • Is Active
  • Has been Submitted
  • In stage "[Stage name]"
  • In category "Category name]"
  • Has completed task "[Task Name]"
  • Has not completed task "[Task Name]"

When selecting Users as the recipient the conditions you can select are:

  • Hasn't signed in within a week
  • Hasn't signed in within a month
  • Is a new user

Email Subject: The email header

Email Body: The content of the email. You can also add piping variables to your emails in order to personalize the email based on who is receiving it. For more information, please see Piping Variables in Emails.


Once your reminders have been created please see the following documentation on:

Editing a Reminder

Deleting a Reminder

Duplicating Email Reminders

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