How to Create a New Relationship

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The purpose of this documentation is to create relationships between data sources within your site. If you would like to associate a question within your form to represent stages, groups, or even categories of submissions, you can do that here. For example, if you have a questions asking applicants which country they are in, you can create a relationship to associate that response with a specific Category in your site. Relationships are useful for when you are creating triggers to automatically add submissions to categories. Instead of creating a trigger for each category, you will see the relationship added to the add submission to category action. For more information on trigger actions please see Explaining the "Actions" Section Within Triggers

Create a Relationship

  1. Click Configure your site.
  2. Click Relationships.
  3. Click  + New Relationship.
  4. Give your relationship a name.
  5. Under "Data Source" click the dropdown and select the data source for your relationship. In this drop down will be a list of all the forms and questions within your site.
  6. Next, under "Relation" select the relationship you wish to create with your data source. The relations available are:

    Reviewers: Teams
    Submissions: Stages, Groups, Tasks, Category

Note: Each “Relation” will be helpful when using different trigger actions. For example, the relation Teams will allow you to use the trigger action Assign this submission to, in the dropdown list on the trigger action will appear { Relationship: [Relationship Name] }

7. Click Save Relationship.

Create Trigger for Relationship

In order for the Relationship to be useful within the site, you will need to create a trigger in order to apply the datasource to the relation. For Creating a new trigger please see documentation on Configuring Triggers within your site.

When creating your trigger you will need to add a trigger action that is associated to the relations. The trigger actions associated with the relation are:


  • Assign the submission to
  • Unassign this submission from


  • Move the submission to round


  • Add user to group
  • Move submission to group
  • Remove user from group


  • Mark a Form Task as Incomplete
  • Mark a Form Task as Complete
  • Mark Task as Required
  • Mark Task as Optional
  • Hide Task
  • Show Task
  • Hide Task Indefinitely From Applicant
  • Show Task Indefinitely From Applicant
  • Hide Task from Recommender
  • Show Task to Recommender


  • Add Submission to category
  • Remove submission from category


Once you have created, activated, and saved your trigger, the relationship will begin to work to associate the datasource to the chosen relation. As with all triggers, this will not be retroactive and will only apply to submissions that activate the trigger moving forward.


For more information on Editing and Deleting Relationships please see the following documentation: Editing a Relationship and Deleting a Relationship

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