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The submission tab is found in the General Settings of the site. The submission tab allows you to alter the settings for user's submissions. To access this tab:

  1. Click Configure your site
  2. Click General Settings
  3. Click Submissions


General Options

Enable descriptions: This option allows your applicants to add an additional description (or "mission statement") to their application.

Enable versioning: This option allows your applicants to submit new versions of their documents before their application is submitted. Your reviewers will be able to see each version of the document, allowing them to see the differences between them, or revisions that may have been made.

Enable co-applicants: This option will allow your applicants to add additional members to their submissions. These additional members can have either read-only or read/write access, depending on what the lead applicant selects.

Enable applicant data re-use: Enable this option to allow applicants to re-use form data, documents, videos and audio data from their archived submissions. This will only work if the tasks from their archived submissions are the same tasks as the new submissions.

Enable progress bars: With this option enabled, a progress bar on applicants' submissions conveying their progress in completing their application will be displayed.

Show activity feed: With this option enabled, your applicants will be displayed an activity feed of their actions when viewing their submission(s).

Multiple Submissions: Enabling this option will allow your applicants to create more than one submission.


Group Limits

This option will only be available if you have enabled Multiple Submissions. You can use this to limit the number of submissions an applicant can create per applicant group. To impose no limit on submission creation, enter "0" in the text box associated with the group name. If you wish to restrict applicants from creating submissions within a group enter "-1", as this is an unattainable number. 


Reference Identifiers 

All submissions are given a unique identifier to distinguish them from one another.  The following options allow you to configure the parameters of how submissions will be identified and named. These options can be configured separately for each group.

Please Select a Group: The first step is to select the group you wish to make changes to. Each group can have different identifiers.

Application ID prefix: You will need to first select "Use Application ID prefixes?" in order for this option to appear. If you wish to add a prefix to all submissions, you can place the text here.

Reference Identifier length: This option dictates the number of characters the reference identifier will have. This can be anywhere between 4 and 40.

Reference Identifiers should be generated: This option allows you to select how reference identifiers should be created; either randomly or incrementally.

Identify Submissions by: This option allows you to choose how submissions will be displayed; their names can be based off of an answer to a question within a form, their full name, submission ID, or can be a user-defined title.

Label when asking an applicant for a submission title: This field appears when User-Defined Title is selected as the Submission Identifier. This option allows you to configure the wording when asking an applicant to name their submission. The default text is "Please enter a name for your submission."



Attachments: Enabling this option allows applicants to upload additional attachments to their submission, independent of their tasks. You can decide which type of files can be uploaded in this section:

  • Applicants should be able to attach documents
  • Applicants should be able to attach videos
  • Applicants should be able to attach audio files

Note: If you have any Unused Forms in your workflow these forms will also appear here as options to attach. Unused forms can be found under the Forms tab in your Workflow Designer.

Other Options

Default submission download mode: This option allows you to select the type of file used when downloading submissions.

  • A zip file: Each task will be in their own separate PDF within the downloaded zip file.
  • A merged PDF: The tasks for that submission will be all merged into one single PDF file.
  • A zip file with Documents and a merged PDF: Any uploaded documents will remain as their own document however the form tasks will be merged into one single file. 

Disable Withdrawals: This option allow allows you to disable the ability for an applicant to withdraw an application. If you do not want to disable the ability to withdraw you can leave this section unselected. You can also select multiple options in this list. To disable Withdrawals you will have the following options:

  • Always: Applicants will never be able to withdraw their submission
  • When application is submitted: Applicants will be able to withdraw their submission, up until they have submitted it. After they have submit their application they will no longer be able to withdraw it.
  • When application is in stage: [Stage]: You can select certain stages where you want to restrict applicants from being able to withdraw their submission. (Note: An option will appear for each stage in your workflow)




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