Other Options Tab

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The Other Options tab contains miscellaneous options for your site, such as password policies and whether you would like test users to be created. 

Password Policy

Figure 1 - General Settings - Other Options - Password Policy

Time in which a password should be valid for: This option sets the amount of time that can pass before a user is required to enter a new password.

Password requirements: This option allows you to set requirements such as whether the password needs to have numbers and letters, or upper and lower cases.

Minimum and Maximum Password Lengths: These sections allow you to set the length of a password.

Number of previous passwords a new password should not match: This option dictates when a user can use a password they have already used before as a new password.


Other Options

Figure 2 - General Settings - Other Options - Other Options

Short sessions: Enable this option to log users out when they close their internet browser.

Test users: Enable this option to automatically create test users in each group and round.

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