Launching Your Site (Go Live)

Chris Quiroz -

Launching your site means it will become live and you can start accepting applications. Once your site is live, we do not recommended making any modifications to its structure or forms as any modifications could lead to data integrity issues. If you do need to make a change make sure to check with first.

To launch your site:

  1. Click Edit Your Site on the left menu.
  2. Click the Launch >> button.
  3. Check the box labeled Also, archive my test data and disable test accounts (recommended)*
  4. Click [I Understand - Launch].

*If you have finished testing your site, it is recommended to archive test data and disable test accounts. To do this click the checkbox next to the label.

Once this has been completed you should see the following message:


You've just launched your site!

Your new URL is: 

Please Note: If you are on a free plan, your site can only accept 5 submissions. Please contact to upgrade your plan.

Click on [Great, take me to my dashboard!] to get an overview of your site.

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