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The "Get Voted For" task allows users to vote for their favourite submission on your site. Votes can then be used to decide if a user should or should not be moved further along in the application process.

Basic Information Tab

The Basic Information tab provides a quick overview of the elementary descriptions (Title and Description) associated with the task, and can be formatted using the Visual Editor.


Name: The name of the task - how it will appear in the Competition Design page, and referred to in every other instance within your site. 

Set a Description: This description is shown to applicants who fill out this form. Specifying a description is optional. When checked, the Visual Editor is displayed, which allows the content to be formatted accordingly.


Round & Group Tab 

The Round and Group tab allows the administrator to select which stage the task will be in, as well as the group the task should be applicable to.


Stage: The specific stage the task should be affiliated with can be selected from this drop down menu. 

Group: The Group this task should be assigned to can be selected from this drop down menu. 

Submission categories: Unless explicitly specified, this task will be available to all submission categories. Note: This option is dependent on categories having been created


Behavior Tab 

The Behaviour tab presents critical options that affect the visibility of the task, as well as its importance.


Required: This option makes the task required to progress further in the contest. It is not possible to submit the application if a required task has not been completed. 

Viewable upon completion:  This option will determine whether the user can view their task after completing it. 

Set a deadline: Deadlines dictate when a user must complete this task by. 

Set a start date: Start dates dictate when a task can be completed.

 Prerequisites: The prerequisites option allows an administrator to dictate that an applicant must complete other tasks before being allowed to complete the current task.  These tasks can be selected within the box under 'Prerequisites'.


Voting Tab

All of the voting options can be configured from this tab - including who can vote, how often, and under what circumstances.


Who Can Vote: This option allows you to select those groups who should be granted permission to vote. Hold Control (or Command on a Mac) to select multiple groups. 

Authenticate Anonymous Voters By: If enabling anonymous voting, select the type of authentication - if any - you'd like to use. Available options include email confirmation as well as Facebook and Twitter authentication.

Voting Style: This option allows you to select the type of voting an applicant will use: Single vote, up and down (positive and negative), 5 Star Rating (rate between 1 and 5). Unchanged, the default is single vote. 

Default Voting Page: This option allows you to set what page voting will take place on. 

Voting results should be visible to: Choose who should be able to view the current results - everyone, registered users only, or administrators only. 

Voters should be able to vote: Choose access restrictions that should be placed on voters - 'session' refers to one instance of a user being logged in. 

Default Sorting Order: How those that can be voted for are viewed - alphabetically, random, most votes, newest. 

Allow voters to change their votes after voting: Check if you'd like votes to not be finalized, and changed by voters. 

Show links to submissions public profiles on the voting page: If checked, each candidate will have a link to their FluidReview profile on the voting page. 

Show social media sharing links: Check if you'd like links to popular social media sites listed on the voting page. 

Show a “Popularity Index” along with the submission: Shows voters how each submission compares to all those within the same category as a percentage (can optionally be represented by a user-defined image). 

Allow users to revoke their votes: If checked, voters will be allowed to take back any voting they may have done.


Gallery Page Text Tab 

Use the text area to add instructional/help text on the Gallery page.


Visibility Tab 

The Visibility tab allows the administrator to specify which groups this task will be visible to.

Modify visibility: This option will allow you to hide this task from users in specific groups.

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