Automatic Reviewer Assignments

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The purpose of the following article is to show administrators how to set up rules to automatically assign incoming applications to reviewers. For example, assign all applications from applicant group, to reviewers in the specific reviewer group. This can be useful when wanting to assign a certain number of submissions to each reviewer, or vice versa. For example, assign 2 reviewers to each submission, or assign 10 submissions to each reviewer.

To set up automatic assignments:

  1. Click the Manage your site tab on the left navigation panel.
  2. Select a reviewer group under the Reviewer heading.
  3. In the top right corner of the Manage Assignments screen, ensure that the assignment button reads "Assignments: ON". This will allow you to choose how you would like to assign the submissions to your reviewers.
  4. When "Assignments: ON" is enabled, another assignments button will appear above the list of reviewers. Click the Assignments on this button to access the assignments panel.
  5. Click the Automatic Assignments tab next to Manual Assignments.
  6. Depending on your process, you will either enter in the number of submissions or number of reviewers in the Distribute fields.
  7. Next to the Limit to submissions in group dropdown, choose an applicant group an applicant must be in to have this rule apply to them
  8. Next to the Limit to submissions in stage dropdown, choose a stage an applicant must be in to have this rule apply to them.
  9. Next to the Limit to reviewers in team dropdown, choose a reviewer team that the reviewer must be part of to have this rule apply to them.
  10. Press Submit to save your changes.

A few things to note before using this assignment feature:

  1. The assignment rule will only apply once to the submissions within the limitation of your rules. Therefore, if the rule is applied to the Applicant's group in the Review stage, when a submission is then moved at a later date into the stage the rule will not apply to it.
  2. If another automatic assignment rule is applied using the same limitations, then all assignments will be redistributed to match the new rules. For example, if you have 100 submissions that match your limitations and you distribute 10 submissions to each reviewer. Then 50 more submissions are added to the stage. If you were to apply the assignment rule again, then the rule would be applied to all 150 submissions. Even if some of the submissions had already been reviewed.

Best practice is to only use this assignment feature if the application phase is complete and all submissions that need to be assigned are in the correct review stage.

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