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Each applicant group you create is listed in the Submissions section of the sidebar under Manage Your Site. (NOTE: For a site with the Awards module, only one award applicant group is supported.) Whenever an applicant creates a submission within the site it will be searchable within Manage Submissions. This article will further explain the actions that can be taken within this section of the site.

To access this section of the site:

  1. Go to Manage Users
  2. Select the Applicant Group name under Submissions

In this Article...

Default Columns

When first accessing the Manage Submissions section of the site you will see a table listing all of the submissions within this applicant group along with basic information about the submission. The Default Columns that will be shown in Manage Submissions are:

Column Description
[Select User] This column will display a checkbox which will allow you to select users in the list. In the header of the table is the ability to select all users on that page.
Profile A small icon, or an image of the user (if applicable) will appear in this column. Clicking on the image in this column will take you to the Users Profile which will provide further details on each user 
Title This column will display the Title of the Submission as set in General Settings. The title will be a clickable link to allow you to access the submission as an Administrator
Stage This column will allow you to identify the Stage that the submission is in
Group This column will show the group the submission is in
Applicant This will be the Full Name of the Owner of the Submission. The name will be a clickable link to the User's Profile
Status This will be the Status of the submission. 
Locked This column will show you whether or not the submission is Locked or Unlocked. Locked Submissions will not be editable by applicants.
Applied This column will display the date the submission was created. 
Last Edited

This will show the date that the submission was last edited. This includes:

  • When an applicant Saves a Page within a form
  • When an applicant Submits a form
  • When an applicant Submits their submission
  • When a submission is moved to a new stage
  • When the Status of the application is updated. For example, the submission is Archived or Deleted.

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Other Actions

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