Creating and Editing Awards

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Creating an award within your awards site is useful for many reasons. Awards let you:

  • Create a site where applicants can log in and apply for awards.
  • Require applicants to complete tasks to apply for awards.
  • Create one-time only tasks, so that when an applicant completes a task for one award they never need to complete that same task again for others.
  • Email or automatically apply registered applicants who meet award eligibility requirements that you define.
  • Assign teams to review award submissions.
  • Approve and distribute funds to awarded applicants. For more on this topic see: Funding Awards and Distributing Funds

This documentation includes the following topics:

Creating an Award

Before adding awards you need to add at least one award applicant group. For information on adding an award group, please see the documentation on: Managing Groups

To create an award:

  1. Click Manage your site
  2. Click Create Award.
  3. Configure your The Basics and Limitations for your award. The settings are explained in detail below.
  4. Add tasks to your award. This step can also be done after the award has been created. If you need to create new tasks for your award you should complete this step after you create the award. Please see the documentation on Creating an Award Workflow.
  5. Set desired Eligibility rules. See below for more details.
  6. Assign a team of reviewers to review submissions. See documentation on Setting up an Award Reviewer Team
  7. Click Save.

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Award Settings

The Basics Tab
Option Description

Award Name

Title of the award. This is what applicants click on in the award list.


Upload an image file of a logo for the award.


Applicant tasks that must be completed to apply for the award. For more on creating tasks see Creating An Award Workflow.

Short Description

Brief description shown in the list view applicants see when applying for awards.

About this Award

Long description that displays when applicants click on an award in their listing.


Text that only administrators can see.

Award Categories

Customizable categories that are applied to awards. Admins can filter awards by category. See Setting Up Award Categories.
Limitations Tab
Option Description

Recurring dates

If selected, the award will run annually. If not selected then it is a one-time only award.

Open Date

Sets a date the award opens to applications.

Close Date

Sets a date the award will close to applications. If left blank, there is no deadline for the award.


Sets a timezone to use for open/close dates and deadlines for the award. Default is EST.


Options are Open or Closed. Determines whether the award is accepting applications or closed to them.


Options are Internal, External (cannot apply through FluidReview), and Manual (applicants cannot apply directly). Determines the application path for the award. Choose internal if the award will have applicant tasks, with this type the applicant will be able to create a submission and complete the available tasks. Choose manual if the award will have no applicant tasks but will be awarded and distributed with FluidReivew, or if you simply want to select which applicants can create a submission for the award. Choose external if the award is managed through an external website or on paper.


Options are Hidden or Public. Hidden awards are not shown to applicants in award listings.

Include in award deadline Reminders

This will include the award in reminder emails sent out to applicants to remind them of upcoming deadlines.

For example, if this is selected, and the application meets the condition on the email reminder, a reminder will be sent to them. This is commonly used with a Varying Date reminder. If you have multiple awards with different deadlines and select to send the email 1 week prior to a deadline, the date will change depending on each awards deadline. 

For more on reminders see: Creating Email Reminders.

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Eligibility Tab

Setting Award Eligibility

Determine who can apply to your awards with eligibility rules. For example, create an award that only applicants who play basketball and have a GPA of at least 3.0 can apply for. If you do not set eligibility rules, all applicants will be able to apply for your award. You can also set an award to automatically apply any applicants who meet your eligibly requirements and test how reasonable your rules are by viewing a list of all applicants who meet them.

To set eligibility:

  1. Click the Eligibility tab in your award.
  2. Select a field that you will use to determine eligibility.
  3. Select and specify the value the field should have.
  4. Optional: Click + Add Rule to add more rules to your requirements. Toggle between AND or OR by clicking on the operand that appears, or negate the rule(s) by clicking on the negation link in the upper left corner of the filtering logic.
  5. Optional: Select Auto-apply to automatically apply all applicants who meet your eligibility requirements. If you have tasks available within the award they will be prompted to complete the tasks.
  6. Click Save.

Combine multiple rules using the Boolean operators AND and OR. Rules can also be negated. You can combine as many rules as you want, but all rules must be combined with the same operator. Likewise, negation is applied across all rules.

  • Use AND to set up a situation where all rules must all be be true for an applicant to be eligible.
  • Use OR to set up a situation where any one of a set of rules must be true for a applicant to be eligible.
  • Use Negation to invert the logic of your rules, to create a NOT situation.

Negation is useful if applicants in most situations should be eligible for a award. For example, if you have an award that all applicants who are NOT affiliated with the funding organization should be eligible for.

Testing Your Eligibility Requirements

If you aren't receiving any applications for an award, or if you'd like to estimate how large of a review team you'll need, review who is eligible to apply for your award. You can view how many applicants meet your eligibility requirements under the Who is Eligible tab. From this tab you can:

  • See a list of all applicants in the system who currently meet your requirements and when and whether they have applied.
  • Select and email students from the list to encourage them to apply.
  • Select and automatically apply students from the list to the award.
Check Who is Eligible before you take your award live to make sure you have a sufficient number of eligible applicants and tweak your eligibility requirements as necessary.
Metadata Tab
If you have any Award Metadata field within your site you can choose to apply a metadata value to this award. For more information on metadata please see: Understanding Metadata
Team Tab
See the following documentation for information on Setting up an Award Reviewer Team
Report Tab
Under this tab you will be able to create a downloadable report for your reviewers. You will be able to add columns that you wish to appear in this report. You can then download and send it to your reviewers. This report will also be available in the Reporting Section of the site. 
Reviewers Tab
This tab will allow you to select which Applicant and Submission metadata will be shown to reviewers while completing their ranking tasks. 
Installment Tab
Under this tab you can set limitations on the distribution installments for this award. You can set the Maximum installments an applicant can receive and the Action to take when maximum installments is reached. 
You can also choose to Prevent Overdafting which disallows your administrators to distribute more than the award balance in the Distibutions page.
Managing/Editing an Award
After the award has been initially set up you can go back in Edit it at any time. To Edit an award:
  1. Click Manage your site
  2. Click Manage Awards
  3. Under the Actions column of the award you wish to edit, click on the Gear icon in order to Manage Award. The same settings explained above will appear and you will be able to edit your award as you see fit. You will also see another tab available called Who is Eligible. 
Who is Eligible Tab
This tab will only show once the award has been created and you go into the Manage Award page. It will show you a list of submissions that meet your eligibility criteria as set in the Eligibility tab. Under this tab you can choose to email the applicants or apply the applicants to an award.
After the Award has been created your will then need to set tasks to your award workflow. See the following documentation for information on Creating an Award Workflow.
You can also see the following documentation on Managing and Organizing Awards.


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