How can I Add or Remove Columns to my Table

Chris Quiroz -

There are several areas within the site where the information is displayed in columns. For example, Manage Users, Manage Submissions, Manage Reviewers and Manage Awards. There are always default columns that are displayed with basic information on the user or award you are viewing. However these columns can be added to or removed how you see fit.

To add or remove columns from your table:

  1. Click Manage your site.
  2. Click on Manage Users, Manage Submissions, Manage Reviewers or Manage Awards.
  3. Click on the column dropdown. Beside column you will see the number of columns currently displayed in your table
  4. Current active columns will be highlighted in blue. To remove a column, select a blue column. To add a column, click a label that is not currently highlighted. Note: Changing columns is account specific, therefore if you change your columns, those changes will only be visible on your account.
  5. Click Done to return to your table.

You can click the Reset button to reset the columns back to the default columns in the table.

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