Explaining the Reviewer Teams Section

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Reviewer teams are useful when you have blocks of reviewers who should be ranking the same submissions. When reviewers have finished reviewing the submission, they can gather with the team lead who can then make a final decision on whether or not the submission deserves to continue on in the application process.

To get to the teams section:

  1. Click Manage your site.
  2. Click Reviewers.
  3. Click the Teams button in the top right corner

This section will show you the list of teams that have been created for this reviewer group.

The team(s) will display with the following columns:

  • Select: this will appear as a checkbox to allow you to select the team
  • Team: this is the name you gave to your team
  • Members: this will show the number of reviewers that you have added as members to the team
  • Observers: this will display the number of reviewers added as observers to the team. Note: Observers are able to view submissions however they do not have access to the ranking form. 
  • Leader: You can select 1 reviewer to be the leader of the team, their name will appear here. When editing tasks you can grant different permissions to leaders of teams (see below).

To add a reviewer team:

  1. Click + Add
  2. Enter the name(s) of your team(s) in the box provided. If adding multiple teams separate them by having one on each line
  3. Click Save

To add members to a team:

  1. Click on the team name under the Team column. This should be highlighted in blue and hyperlinked.
  2. You will then see a list of reviewers in this reviewer group. Select the checkboxes beside their names to add as many as you want. You can also search for reviewer in the search bar
  3. Click Save

To add observers to a team:

  1. Click on the team name under the Team column.
  2. Click Edit Observers
  3. Your list of reviewer in this group will appear you can select as many as you want to be observers for this team. Note: If a reviewer is both a member and an observer, the Observer setting will override being a Member and the reviewer will not be able to see the task. There is no reason to have a reviewer as both a Member and an Observer
  4. To preview what an observer would see, return to your reviewers dashboard and assume the role of your reviewer (that was made an observer as part of a team). Notice that as an observer of this team, your observer cannot rank applications.

To add a Leader to a team:

  1. Click on the team name under the Team column. 
  2. Find the name of the reviewer that you would like to be the leader
  3. Beside the reviewers name select the Radio Button to select them as a reviewer. 


Editing Tasks based on Reviewer Teams

When you have a team set up in your site you can edit a task so that it is available reviewers based on whether or not they are a Member, a Leader, or Both.

  1. Click Edit your site
  2. Click Workflow Designer
  3. Click on a Reviewer Task in your workflow to view the task settings
  4. Click on the Eligibility Tab

In this section you are given the two following settings in regards to teams: This task should be available to and Restrict to members of reviewer team. 

For the setting This task should be available to, you can set this for:

  • All Reviewers: no limitations on this task it will be available to all reviewers in the group. If you further select a team in Restrict to members of reviewer team the task will only be available to reviewers in that team
  • Any member of a team: Task is only available to reviewers within a team, if this is selected and no team is selected in Restrict to members of reviewer team this task will be available to any member in any team, whether they are a member or a leader.
  • Members Only: Task is only available to members and not available for Team Leaders
  • Team Leaders Only: Task is available only to the team leader and not available to any other member of the team

For more information on task settings see documentation Rank Submission Via Ranking Form.

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