Enabling Results Sharing

Chris Quiroz -

Enabling Results Sharing allows reviewers to easily see all submitted reviews pertaining to a specific submission. The purpose is to allow reviewers access to other completed reviews of that submission to use as a guideline or reference for completing their own review. 

To enable Results Sharing:

  1. Select [Configure your site] in the quick links toolbar.
  2. Select [General Settings].
  3. Select the [Reviewer] Tab.
  4. Modify the preference for result sharing by choosing the appropriate option from the drop-down menu:
    • Everyone's - any completed review for that submission will be available to the reviewer.
    • Same group - only completed reviews from users in the reviewer's review group will be available.
    • Same team - only completed reviews from user's within the reviewer's review team will be available.
    • Only their own - the reviewer will only see reviews they have completed. This is helpful if the reviewer will be completing reviews in multiple review rounds and administrators would like to allow access to reviews completed by that user in previous rounds.
  5. Select [Save Changes].

Results Sharing can be accessed by clicking the submission name from the list of assigned submissions to enter the side-by-side reviewer view and selecting the drop-down menu in the top left of the screen. This drop-down icon will display all components of that submission including review forms that have been completed throughout the application process. Results can also be accessed by selecting the Rankings icon located on the Reviewer Summary page. They can be grouped either by reviewer or by submission depending on the viewing preference of the user. User's also have the option to download the results by selecting the Download icon from the Reviewer Summary page. Submission review results can either be downloaded entirely, or the user can be selective in the submissions they are downloading. This can be helpful for access offline or other reference purposes.

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