Editing Text on your Site

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There are 2 ways an administrator can edit text within their site.

The first way is through the Text & Translation section which can be found by:

  1. Clicking Configure your site.
  2. Clicking Text & Translation.
  3. Clicking the Page Text tab and finding the appropriate page to add text to.

For example:

Below, in Figure 1, is a picture of the "Reviewers Summary" page before any text has been added.

User-added image

Figure 1 - Reviewers Summary page with no text added

To add text, find the Reviewers Summary page located in the Page Text tab. Notice that using the text area and visual editor provided, you can add text, images and links to your site. Furthermore, you have the ability to add customized source code to your page.

User-added image

Figure 2 - Adding text to the Reviewers Summary page

To view the changes you have made, assume the role of a reviewer. To assume the role of a reviewer:

  1. Click Manage your site.
  2. Click Reviewers.
  3. Under the Assume Role column, click . As you assume the role of a reviewer, you will be taken to your site and have access to everything the reviewer will see.
  4. Click Summary to access the Reviewers Summary page. Notice that the text added has displayed (See Figure 3 below).

User-added image

Figure 3 - Reviewers Summary page with extra text added through the Text & Translation section


The second way to add text to a site is through the visual editor located within a sites page. For this option, you must assume the role of a user (applicant, reviewer) and make the changes within the site.

For example:

When you assume the role of a reviewer, you are brought to everything the reviewers will see. In Figure 4, we have a picture of the Reviewers Summary page. 

User-added image

Figure 4 - Reviewers Summary page with no added or edited text

When you scroll over the text on this page, a black box appears asking you to Click to add or edit this text.

User-added image

Figure 5 - Click to add or edit text

Clicking the black box will allow you to edit text using a rich text editor, much like the one found in the Text & Translation section. Click  to add custom CSS and Javascript to your site.

User-added image

Figure 6 - Editing the Reviewers Summary Page using the rich text editor

To view the final product, click outside of the editing area.


Note: Any changes made in one language will also have to be made in any other languages attached to your site.

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