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The email tab allows you to edit the default sender address of emails being sent through your site, along with the ability to make changes to the automatic responses sent to users from FluidReview when they register, are asked to complete a recommendation, add team members to their submission or report an issue within the site.

To access the Emails tab:

  1. Click Configure your site.
  2. Click Text & Translations.
  3. Select the Emails tab.

Default Sender Address: This option allows you to set the email which will send all automatic responses to users. The format when editing the text box should be “Your Name” <>. Warning! After changing the default email you will also need to create an SPF record. For more information on this please see the following documentation: SPF Warning.

Registration Email: This email is sent out when a user registers for the first time to your site. This will include a confirmation link that the user will need to follow in order to activate their FluidReview Account.

Confirmation for Adding Team Members: This email is sent when a user adds another member to their submission. This email will only be sent out to users who don't currently have an account within FluidReview, whether it be your site or another.

Confirmation for Adding Team Members Who Already Exist Within FluidReview: This email will be sent when a user adds another member to their submission. This email will be sent to users that already have a FluidReview account. The difference between this email and the one above is that the user will not need to confirm their account in this email.

Recommendation Email: This email is sent a user when they are asked to provide a recommendation for a submission. This email will be sent out if the Get a Recommendation task is not directed to a specific Recommender group.

Recommendation Email: [Recommender Group]: When the Get a Recommendation task is directed to a specific recommender group, this email will be sent out. This is useful if you have multiple recommender groups and wish to customize the email that is sent to them. 

Report Issue Email (Reviewers): This email is sent to the administrator when a reviewer reports an issue or a conflict of interest.

Change Email Address Confirmation Message: This email is sent to the user when they have requested to change their email address by going to their Account Settings and updating their email address address. 

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