Explaining the "Trigger Behaviour" Section Within Triggers

Chris Quiroz -

The purpose of this documentation is to further explain the the Trigger Behaviour section. Trigger Behaviours can be found at the bottom of each trigger page.

Trigger Limit: This behaviour only allows the trigger to be fired a set amount of times, disabling it after it reaches the limit imposed by you.

Defer: This behaviour allows you to delay the trigger from firing a set amount of hours. This is very useful, for example, when you wish to send an email to an applicant after they submit their application, but do not want them to receive it immediately. Deferrals can only be entered in 1 hour increments.

Evaluation: This behaviour allows you to set when the system checks for the conditions to be met. They can be set to check them immediately, or before and after the deferral period. This can be useful if other triggers are to be fired within the deferral period which may affect this trigger

Priority: This behaviour allows you to set the priority in which triggers are fired on. Triggers with higher priority will fire before those with lesser priorities (i.e. 1 = low priority). For example, if two triggers are firing off the completion of the same task. If both have a priority of 1 they will fire simultaneously. However if one trigger has a priority of 1 and the other a priority of 2, the priority 2 trigger will fire first and then the priority 1 trigger will fire.

Status: This behaviour indicates whether the trigger is active or inactive. When a trigger is initially created it is automatically marked as inactive. In order for the trigger to fire you will need to click the button in order to make it Active. If the status is live you can mark the trigger as inactive in order to turn off the trigger while retaining all of its settings, so you can easily turn it back on.

Note: The activation can also be changed through the main trigger page, see Configuring Triggers Within your Site for more information,

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