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The applicants tab is found in the General Settings of the site. It is used to configure settings relating to your applicants in the site. To access this tab:

  1. Click Configure your site
  2. Click General Settings
  3. Click Applicants


Enable logos: Enabling this option will allow your applicants to add logos to their submissions. 

Lock on submittal: Enabling this option will lock submissions from editing after submittal. 

Forced feedback anonymity: Enabling this option will make all feedback left on uploaded documents anonymous to all users (except administrators). 

Visible rankings: Enabling this option will allow your applicants to see how they have been ranked. If this option is not selected applicants will not be able to see the scores that have been give to them by the reviewers.

Visible stages: Enabling this option will allow your applicants to see tasks from previous stages. 

Editable stages: Enabling this option will allow your applicants to edit their tasks from previous stages. 

Warning: If part of your process is to have applicants skip stages, the applicant will still be able to see tasks from the stage they skipped, provided Visible Stages is enabled. If Editable Stages is enabled they will also be able to edit the tasks from the stages they skipped. 

Application downloading: This option will show 'Download Submission' buttons (both for reviewers and applicants). These buttons will allow your users to download hard-copies of submissions. 

Option for the users to upload a profile picture is: This option allows you to select how or if a user's profile picture will be used. Your options are:

  • Hidden and Disabled
  • Shown and Optional
  • Shown and Required

Document feedback should be visible to:  This option dictates who can see document feedback. You can select from the following options:

  • Reviewers Only
  • Applicants Only
  • Administrators Only
  • Everyone


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