Publicity Tab

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The “Publicity” tab allows you to customize settings for a public competition, which means that your site will have its submission available for viewing by the general public.

Note: All options will be accessible only if your competition has been made public.

Basic Options

Figure 1 - General Settings - Publicity Tab - Basic Options

This is a public competition:  This will register this site as public.

Submission profiles: This option will enable public profiles for your submissions. Public profiles will include any task data, etc. that you can specify below.

Submission feed: This option shows a listing of new submissions on your sites home page.


Other Stuff

Figure 2 - General Settings - Publicity Tab - Other Stuff

Public Commenting: This option allows the public to leave comments using a social media platform, such as Facebook or Disqus.

Who should be able to contact public submissions: This option dictates who, if anyone, is allowed to contact the owner of a public submission.

Source(s) of submissions' public bios: This option allows you to set the source or sources of a submission's public bios.

Identify submissions by... This setting allows you to choose how the submission will be identified.



Figure 3 - General Settings - Publicity Tab - Visibility

Only submissions from these round(s) should be visible: This option allows you to set if submissions from certain rounds will be visible to the public.

Results of these tasks should be accessible by anyone: This option allows you show completed responses to form taks.

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