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As an administrator of a site, you can request a phone call from our Support team between:

  • Mon-Fri: 8AM EST - 8 PM EST

To access the Contact Support form ensure that you are logged into your site as an administrator, then click on the Question Mark in the top right corner of the screen and click Contact Support. You can send in a call request by selecting the the option "I would like to request a call back" on the contact support page to send the message as a call request. We would then be able to return your call within the hour from when the request was sent in.

When you are submitting your request the more information you can provide in the email, the more prepared we will be for your phone call. Depending on the issue you are experiencing you can use the following email template where applicable:

Description of Issue: A general description of the issue that is occurring.
Issue Details: description of the underlying issue being experienced, including the affected area of your site (i.e. Manage Users, Manage Submissions, Reviewer portal, etc.).
Users Involved: E-mail addresses or names of affected individual(s) for us to troubleshoot.
Affected Submissions: At least one example, if applicable. Will assist us greatly in cases where applicants have multiple applications.
Triggers Involved: If applicable, trigger names or direct links to triggers.
Expected Resolution: What are you expecting should happen, or what is it that you would like to happen?


Note: This option must be selected along with a number in the Phone Number field in order to receive a callback. This is to ensure that your phone call is given proper priority to our support team and you are assisted in a timely manner. If this option is not selected then our Support team will provide you with an Email Response to your inquiry. Please see the following documentation for information on Email Support.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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