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The "Add Member(s)" task allows a user to add co-applicant(s) to their submission. Co-applicants can be made owners, standard members, or read-only members of the submission. This is useful for submissions requiring collaboration and multi-user access without those users needing to share a profile for access. 

After adding the task the respective settings can be modified to best suit the task's purpose for inclusion in the workflow. 

Basic Information Tab

The Basic Information tab provides a quick overview of the elementary descriptions (Title and Description) associated with the task and can be formatted using the Visual Editor. 

Name: The name of the task - how it will appear in the Competition Design page, and referred to in every other instance within your site. 

Set a description: This description is shown to applicants who fill out this form. Specifying a description is optional. When checked, the Visual Editor is displayed, which allows the content to be formatted accordingly.


Stage & Group Tab 

The Stage & Group tab allows the administrator to select which stage the task will be in, as well as the group the task should be applicable to.

Stage: The specific stage the task should be affiliated with can be selected from this drop down menu. 

Group: The group this task should be assigned to can be selected from this drop-down menu. 

Access level: Who should have access to complete this task.

Submission categories: Unless explicitly specified, this task will be available to all submission categories. Note: This option is dependent on categories having been created


Behavior Tab 

The Behaviour tab presents critical options that affect the visibility of the task, as well as its importance.

Required: This option makes the task required to progress further in the contest. It is not possible to submit the application if a required task has not been completed.

Viewable upon completion: This option will determine whether the user can view their task after completing it.

Allow deletion: This option will allow the applicant to clear completion data of their tasks.

Prerequisites: Before completing the task, applicants must complete any tasks that are selected from the list presented.


Options Tab

The options tab allows limits and access level related options to be set. 

Minimum number of co-applicants/members required (enter zero for no limit): Set the minimum number of members required for a submission. Enter zero for no limit. 

Maximum number of co-applicants/members required (enter zero for no limit): Set the maximum number of members required for a submission. Enter zero for no limit. 

Fixed access level: Select what kind of access to give co-applicants when registering with your site.

  • Owner: Initial creator of the submission. Full control of the submission.
  • Standard member: Has the same abilities in controlling and completing tasks associated with the submission. Can withdraw submission, edit and complete tasks.
  • Read-only member: User can only view tasks that have been completed so far by other users. Cannot add other members, edit/complete tasks, or withdraw submission.


Metadata Tab

Select the additional metadata for the member being added. Note: This tab will only be visible if metadata has been added within your site. 

Visibility Tab
Modify Visibility: This option will allow you to hide this task from users in specific groups.
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