Adding Multiple Languages To Your Site

Chris Quiroz -

Your sites default language will always be set to English, however here FluidReview currently offers 90 different languages for you to add to your site. 

  1. Click 'Edit Your Site' from the left menu bar.
  2. Choose 'The Basics'.
  3. Click the 'Languages' tab. By default, FluidReview will have English automatically in the Selected column. To add additional languages to your site, browse through the list of available languages in the Available column, select the ones that you want to add and click on the arrow to move the selection to the Selected column. 
  4. Click 'Save'.

To remove a language from your site, locate and select the language(s) you wish to remove from the Selected list and click on the remove arrow to remove the selected language(s), then click 'Save'

Note: Since your site is now in multiple languages, you must edit all pages the corresponding number of times. To switch between languages when editing, click the dropdown located at the top of your screen and switch the 'Editing In' language to the language you wish to make changes in.


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