What is an SPF Warning?

Chris Quiroz -

Why am I seeing this E-mail Warning?

When a site is making use of a custom sender e-mail (other than the default noreply@fluidreview.com) recipients of your e-mails are more likely to flag your e-mails as spam.  This is not a new item within FluidReview, however due to an increased number of support tickets relating back to e-mails not sending or being received, we have implemented this notice for administrators.

Why would e-mails be more likely to get flagged as Spam?

When a site is making use of a custom e-mail sender address, the recipient sees that the sender is from one domain (i.e. user@gmail.com), and the mail server is from another (fluidreview).  As a result of this mismatch, there is an increased chance that mail can be marked as spam, especially in cases of sending out to larger institutions with stricter mail filtering and holding processes (i.e. government, educational facilities, or large corporations).

How do I fix this?

In order to ensure mail being sent through your custom sender address is sent through normally, we are recommending that clients using our services create an SPF record for their domain.  In most cases, the only information you require to achieve this is the IP address provided through the warning message, ip4:

The SPF record gives our mail server permission to send e-mails via any e-mail address on your web domain, specifically this means we are permitted to send e-mails through FluidReview from your custom sender e-mail address.  Additionally, that e-mail address can be switched out for any other sender e-mail address on your domain once the SPF record has been set up.

The IP address listed above, and in the warning message, can be provided to your IT department for implementation.  If there are any concerns, or if information is missing, our technical support team would be happy to help!

I’m not allowed to create an SPF record for my domain!

There are bound to be some cases where setting up an SPF record is not possible, in those cases we recommend setting up a subdomain, and using an e-mail address from that.  The SPF record can be tied to the subdomain without impacting your domain.  Again, your IT department should be able to set this up for you.  If this method is also not possible, please get in touch with support so we can discuss any other options.

How do I know my SPF record is correct?

When the SPF record has been set up successfully, the warning message will be removed from your site right away!  The warning message is consistently checking the relationship between the custom domain entered in the sender address field on your text and translations page, as soon as we verify a successful link the warning message will be removed.

Is there a way to remove the error without an SPF record?

At present time the only option if you do not wish to set up an SPF record would be to revert the sender e-mail address to noreply@fluidreview.com, which is our default sender address, and is already linked with our mail server. 

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