Introduction to Forms

Chris Quiroz -

Forms allow you to collect user data that will help you make decisions in your process. FluidReview has an easy-to-use form editor that includes multiple questions types, such as multiple choice, text response or dropdowns, as well as form logic to tailor the form to your applicant and summarize rankings.

Here are some examples of forms your can create for your process:

  • Contact information forms
  • Eligibility forms
  • Application forms
  • Budget forms
  • Entry Point forms
  • Forms specific to certain categories, awards, and/or user levels
  • Evaluation and/or ranking forms
  • Recommendation forms
  • Grantee Reporting forms
  • Donor Thank You Letter forms

If you want to build a new form or make changes to an existing form, see the documentation on how to:

  • Get to know the form editor: Outlines all the features of the editor so you can build your form tasks with confidence and ease.
  • Create a new form: Explains the step-by-step process of building a new form task.
  • Add form questions: Describes the different question types available in your form and their options.
  • Add form logic: Presents the different form logic available and outlines how to use it.
  • Edit a live form: Explains how to edit forms that are currently collecting responses or that have collected responses in the past.
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