Making New Salesforce Objects/ Fields Appear in FluidReview

Devs -

During the integration set up, we pull in all the Salesforce objects and fields in your account. These objects/fields are then available when you set up your Salesforce integration actions.
After the initial setup, our integration syncs once a day. So when a new field/object added to Salesforce outside the sync time, you’ll have to do a sync to see it. We call this “refreshing your Salesforce schema”.

To refresh your Salesforce schema:

  1. Select Configure your site from the left-hand navigation.
  2. Click the name of your Salesforce integration.
  3. Press the Settings button on the right-side of the integration page.
  4. In the Salesforce Settings dialogue, press the Refresh button next to “Refresh Salesforce schema”.
  5. Once the refresh is complete, the new fields and objects will be available.
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