How to Use Piping Variables in Trigger Emails

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Within Emails, you can use piping variables to personalize the emails you are sending based on the user(s) you are sending the emails to. This can be as simple as piping the first name into the email as the addressor, for example "Dear {{ }}" would pull in the first name of the user the email is being received by. You could also use piping, for example, if you wish to inform applicants of comments given to them by reviewers, or remind them of responses they gave to questions within their own form. 

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How to Pipe Variables in a Trigger Email

You can pipe variables into your emails from within the email editor of the Trigger Email. To access the Email Piping tool:

  1. Go to Configure your site.
  2. Go to Triggers.
  3. Create a New trigger 
  4. Set the Activation of the Trigger, as well as the Conditions, if applicable
  5. Add the Action "Send an email to..."
  6. Above the Email Body editor is an Insert button which will provide a dropdown menu with all of the available piping variables you can add into your email. 
  7. Select the Type of Variable you want to add from the left column. You can choose between Basic Variables, as well as Applicant, Recommender, and Reviewer Form Variables. 
  8. Once you have selected the type of variable, you will see a list of variables appear in the right column. Form responses will show the question you are trying to pipe from. 

NOTE: You are also able to pipe Metadata into your emails, however they are not available within the Email Insert Tool. You can access these variables through the Piping Wizard of an Applicant Form or by creating an Email Reminder and clicking the Insert Dropdown.

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