Dashboard Quick Controls

Sarah Paterson -

The Quick Controls allow you to quickly open and close sections of your site from within your Dashboard. To access the Quick Controls click on the Dashboard icon in the Navigation Panel. The Quick Controls are located in the top right corner of the Dashboard.



This Quick Control, can be toggled between Open and Closed. When registration is Closed this will prevent new users from registering on your site however users that already have accounts within FluidReview, will still be able to sign-in. If they have preexisting Active Submissions, they will still be able to edit these submissions.



The Judging Quick Control can be toggled between Unlocked and Locked, This Quick Control will allow you to manage whether or not your reviewers can begin the judging process, with Judging Locked, reviewers will not be able to rank submissions they are assigned to.



The Submissions Quick Control can be toggled between Unlocked and Locked. It controls whether or not users can create and work on submissions. Having Submissions Locked will lock all submissions from activity, however it will not prevent users from logging into your site. 

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