Pushing Attachments to Salesforce

Sarah Paterson -

  1. Click Configure your site
  2. Click Salesforce Integration
  3. Click to Edit or Add a new Action: Creating a Salesforce Action
  4. At the bottom of the Push Action settings under File Attachments
  5. Sync attachments as a new Salesforce record. This section will only appear for Salesforce objects that can accept an attachment. You can add one or all attachment types to the Salesforce object.
  6. There are three types of file attachments that you can upload
  • Submission Attachments: Applicants have the ability to upload files on the right-hand side of their portal. Any files uploaded in that area will attach to the created object.
  • Upload Task: Attaches uploaded documents from applicant upload tasks, like the Upload a Document/Image task.
  • Form Upload Question: Attaches uploaded documents from application forms using the File Upload question type.
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