Duplicating a Task

Sarah Paterson -

In some cases you may wish to duplicate a task you have created in your site. Duplicating a Task will duplicate both the form and the task settings to the new task. In order to duplicate your task:

  1. Click Edit your Site
  2. Click Workflow Designer
  3. Locate the task you wish to duplicate in your Workflow
  4. In the actions of the task you will see the Duplicate icon which appears as two sheets overlapping. Click on this icon. 
  5. Click OK to confirm to duplicate the task

Once the Task has been duplicated it will appear with the same name as the original however (Copy) will be added to the end of the Task Name.

You can choose to make edits to both the form and the task settings, these changes will have no affect on the original task and will not affect any data submitted to the original. 

If you require information on Adding a Task, please see the following documentation: Adding a Task

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