What is the Difference between Required Tasks and Pre-Requisites?

Sarah Paterson -

When creating your Workflow, you may want to ensure that certain tasks be completed before applicants have the ability to submit. You may see within the Submit Task that there is an option to add Pre-Requisites and in order for tasks to be mandatory they will need to be Pre-Requisites, but then you also saw that you can make a task Required. 

Within the site we have both Required Tasks as well as the ability to select Pre-Requisites for a task. You may be thinking these sound like the exact same thing, however there is a slight difference between Required and Pre-requisite tasks.


What is a Required Task?

When creating a task, whether it be a form or an upload task, you are given the option under the Behaviour tab of that task, to make it Required in the Workflow. This automatically means this task will need to be completed in order for the applicants to be able to submit.

Until all Required tasks are completed, the Submit task will appear as "Pre-requisites not met". This is because Required tasks are automatically made to be pre-requisites for the Submit task. 


What is a Pre-requisite?

Within any task, whether it be form, upload or submit, there is the option under the Behaviour tab to add pre-requisites. Although this is an available option under the Submit task, Pre-requisites are more helpful when it comes to the tasks within the submission themselves. There are certain situations where applicants will need to complete one task in the workflow, before a second task becomes available, therefore task 1 is a pre-requisite for task 2.

We suggest only using Pre-Requisites within the submission tasks themselves and use Required Tasks for the Submit Button.




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