What is the Dashboard?

Matthew Bradley -

Every FluidReview Administrator has seen the Dashboard at one point, it would be the default landing page for Site Administration.  This page has a number of tools available to monitor your site, and generally acts as an administrative 'hub'.

Below is a list of each Dashboard item as well as a general description of their function on this page:


Quick Controls

The Quick Controls portion of the administrative site operates as a site-wide toggle for three fields; Site Registration, Site Judging (Reviewer task access), and Submissions (Applicant task access).

There is documentation written regarding each quick control that goes into more detail available here



The Deployment portion of your dashboard will include general deployment links that you can use to provide applicants access to your site.  These links will bring applicants into the site's home page, under the selected language.  Language links are dependent on the languages set in your site's The Basics -> Languages section.



The Overview chart provides administrators with a bar chart breakdown of submissions, submission groups, and workflow stages.  It will generate itself based on the Active applications within your site, across all applicant groups.  Whenever you add a new applicant group or Workflow stage, they will automatically be added and reflected here.  You can hover your cursor over each bar to see exact numbers, since the step-sizes are auto-generated based on the number of submissions, and may not be easily interpreted at all times.


Recent Activity/Activity Log

The bottom portion of your Dashboard will display the 10 most recent actions taken within the site.  This includes activity from Applicants, Administrators, Reviewers, and Recommenders (as well as records from FluidReview staff, if we ever need to access the site).  To view records past those ten most recent records, there is a "Show More" option available below the 10th record.

On this next page administrators will be able to view past records, search the activity history, and also set date ranges by default.  newer sites, and sites making use of the updated Activity Log will also be able to include filters to search for specific records, such as triggers or sent e-mails (replacing both the trigger and e-mail logs on your site).


Recent Stats

Between the Activity Log and Overview sections there are a number of statistics for your site.  This will regularly update based on recent information, with older information dropping off and becoming unrepresented.

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