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The Public Resources section of FluidReview lets you share pages and files in a controlled fashion.


To get to the Public Resources section, click on Add Pages/Files beneath the Design menu


Next we want to click on Add File:


A new window will appear that lets you name the file, set the visibility/permission options, and set a description. In the screenshot below, we have activated the Visibility drop-down menu to show you all of the available options:


Let's go over each of the 5 options:

Public (anonymous users)

This option will ensure that anyone can access your file. This is ideal for non-confidential material.

Members (authenticated users)

This option will block the general public from seeing your file, but will allow any user who is signed in to see it - regardless of the group they are in.

Members of...

This is similar to the option above, but you will be able to configure specifically which groups will have access, instead of allowing the members from every group to have access.

In rounds...

This option will only allow members who are currently in a specific round of your competition or contest to see your file.

Unlisted (accessible but not listed)

This option will give you a non-pubished URL (web address) to the file, that you can share manually with whomever you wish. The presence of your file will not be advertised to anyone in your FluidReview site, but anyone with the URL will have unrestricted access to read your file.


After you have named your file, set the desired visibility options and input a description, you can now upload it to your FluidReview site.

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