Creating an Email Template

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Email Templates can be very useful in your site when you are planning on manually sending the same email on various occasions. Manual Emails can be sent from various locations of the site, including Manage Users and Manage Submissions. 

Creating an Email Template

To start off we are simply going to draft our template, but not actually send it out yet. In order to do so:

  1. Go to Manage UsersManage Submissions, or Manage Reviewers
  2. You can select any account in the User/submissions list, for this purpose we can select our own account or a test submission.
  3. Once the User/Submission has been selected, click Send Email
  4. As we have not yet created the email, click on Create New Email
  5. You can now begin drafting an email by giving your email a Subject line
  6. Add Attachments (if applicable)
  7. Add text to the email body
  8. Format the email using the text editor tools provided. 
  9. Insert Piping Variables to personalize your email. (See Note)
  10. Once you are done creating your email, now it's time to click Save as Template, located on the top right of the email text editor
  11. Give your template a name that will allow you to find it again in the future
  12. Decide if you want this template to only be available to you, or to other administrators on your site as well (if applicable), by toggling the Visibility between Me and Everyone.
  13. Click Save

Note: the variables that are available will vary depending on the section of the site you are sending the email from. Manage Users will only allow for basic user information, whereas Manage Submissions will allow you to pipe in form and submission data.



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