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This checklist will come in handy when you are preparing to first launch your site on FluidReview. You can use the helpful links to access other articles in the help centre which will provide more information on each feature. In order to ensure that your site has been completely tested, please use the checklist below:


  Form content has been finalized
  Required and optional questions have been marked as such
  Branching Logic is working as desired (if applicable)
  Piping Variables are working as desired (if applicable)
  All calculations using Advanced Expression Piping (AEP) is working as desired (if applicable)


  Titles and descriptions on all tasks are finalized
  Stage names and descriptions are finalized
  Task order has been finalized
  Ensure that all optional tasks have “Required” unchecked in the Behaviour tab of each individual task
  The file format allowed for each upload task has been specified
  Ensure that your Workflow is setup correctly and tasks are associated with the proper award, round and group

Site Adjustments

  Logos are up to date
  Ensure that the logo is a compatible size for your email
  Pages and Files section is up to date
  Any URL links you are providing applicants or reviewers from the Pages and Files section have been updated
  Homepage content is as desired
  Saved email templates have been finalized
  Custom emails from the Text and Translation section have been finalized
  Any changes to pages modified in Text and Translation section have been finalized
  Any additional instructions you wish to add to the Applicant or Reviewer platforms have been updated for each group
  Metadata is working as desired (if applicable)
  Categories are working as desired (if applicable)


  Trigger emails are working as desired
  Triggered movements are working as desired
  Date based triggers have been updated with correct dates
  Emails from the “Submit” button in the workflow have been updated with new/changed content
  Any Email Reminders have been configured under the Configure tab


  You feel comfortable managing the site
  You have checked in with your onboarder
  Deadlines have been set on all rounds (if applicable)
  Deadlines have been set on all tasks (if applicable)
  Deadlines have been updated on all awards (if applicable)
  Test users have been deleted
  Test applications have been archived or deleted

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